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If you are interested in visiting the Society then we would be delighted to welcome you along to one of our meetings.

Photo Exhibition 2014

Photo Exhibition 2014

First and foremost, we don't ask or believe that people should join a Society (by paying their subscription), before they visit. We would like to invite you to visit us as our guest for a couple of months to decide if you like what we offer.

Check the date of the next meeting on our front page.

Click here to see the location of Woodrow High House .

Send us some details of yourself, using the membership email link on the right of the page, so that we can expect to see you at a meeting. 

We look forward to meeting you!


Contact Us

You can contact us via email or Social Media.


Membership enquiry: membership@wycombeastro.org 
General enquiry: enquiry@wycombeastro.org 
Event enquiry: events@wycombeastro.org 
Observing enquiry: observing@wycombeastro.org 
Contact the web Master: webmaster@wycombeastro.org

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