Jakub Bochinski-Exoplanets

In November, Jakub Bochinski gave a wonderful and very popular lecture titled “From pole to pole-a short tale of extrasolar planets & how we find them”.

Last year Jakub gave a very informative, interesting & well received lecture introducing exoplanets. He is currently working at the Open University researching exoplanets.

Jakub gave a brief description explaining what exoplanets are & that the first exoplant was found in 1992 by Alexander Wolzczan. He explained that there are currently 974 confirmed exoplants and thousands of candidates, showing graphs and diagrams to explain this. Jakub has co authorised some of the most recently discovered exoplanets and has starting looking into exogiant galaxies.

He went on to explain how habitable these planets maybe for life, the size of the planet and what it is made of. He explained the methods used to find exoplanets which are: Pulsar timing, Radical velocity, Eclipse timing, Micro gravitational lensing and Transit searching. Transit searching is the method which has led to the discovery of the most exoplanets.

He makes his observations using data obtained from the Superwasp telescopes and by following possible leads up with the automated pirate telescope. He finished by telling us about future missions using the ‘Tess’ satellite and the ‘James Webb telescope’.

After appreciative applause he went onto judge the photographic competition.