Practical Meeting - March 6th 2014

Sandy Giles gave an excellent Powerpoint presentation to the 33 members that signed in to the Practical Evening in the Frankie Vaughan Suite on Thursday 6th March. Sandy’s talk was about how to choose a telescope to buy, the different types of ‘scope and what they are best suited to i.e. Planetary or Deep Sky observing. He also talked about telescope magnifications, available eye pieces, and the uses of different filters to enhance the seeing. Prior to Sandy starting his talk, Chris Rowland gave us the 3 “Rowland” objects that he had chosen for the month of March, and Neil Hawkins talked about the latest “gizmo”, a new and very compact power pack for use with telescopes. It was a good evening and I received three new membership forms. Unfortunately the sky was cloudy so we could not go out observing, but Sandy’s talk generated a discussion with members after the presentation. Tea, coffee and biscuits were available.