Perseid Meter Watching

Members of Wycombe Astronomical Society have had two lovely evenings of watching the Perseids recently and both with clear skies.

The first event, on Thursday 11th August, was held at Waddesdon Manor. Waddesdon arranged an evening meal and lecture followed by Perseid observing for their paying guests. Sandy delivered another excellent lecture titled “The Restless Universe” which was well received and afterwards they joined members of WAS on the Parterre. Although not perfectly clear it was good enough to enable the guests to see some bright Perseids as well as other objects through the telescopes. About 20 members of WAS assisted and had a very enjoyable evening.

Then on Friday 12th August we had our annual Perseid BBQ. The day had been beautifully sunny and this continued well into the evening.

This year the society borrowed two BBQ’s from members Mark C and Sarah W and these were lighted at 7pm with the view that they would be ready to cook on by 8pm when members would start to arrive. Unfortunately Sarah was a little over zealous with the charcoal and it took a while for them to really get going, helped with some frantic fanning by Sandy. Once ready to cook on though they were far better than the disposable BBQ’s that we have used in the past and some excellent BBQ food was cooked (and cremated).

As in previous years the society also provided the drinks for the evening and these went down well with only a couple of bottles remaining at the end of the evening.  

About 40 members and guests enjoyed the evening and we all saw at least one Perseid! We also saw a nice pass of the ISS low in the southeast. Several members took cameras in the hope of catching a Perseid on “film”.  A couple of telescopes were set up and two Ioptron sky trackers had their first airing too.

All in all, two excellent evenings’, viewing the Perseid meteor shower.