Wycombe Museum Outreach Event – 8th April 2019


Bearing in mind it snowed last time we did an outreach event at Wycombe Museum, we were extraordinarily lucky this time – our guests actually saw something!

52 guests, about half of them youngsters, enjoyed a dinner whilst listening to a presentation from Sandy Giles about the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar landing mission and about the Moon. The cloudy weather showed little sign of clearing so Gary Taylor, Paul Phillips and Brian Greenow prepared to set up their scopes in the Museum buildings for a show-and-tell session.

But just as Sandy was finishing his presentation the sky semi-cleared, sufficient that at least the Moon could be observed through scopes. Hastily the scopes were re-positioned outside and our guests quickly lined up to catch it before the clouds returned.

Everyone enjoyed the evening, several guests were keen to come along to our meetings and a number expressed an interest in actually buying a telescope. Wycombe Sound Radio also attended the event and Brian and a couple of the guests gave interviews.

As we packed up, the clouds returned – it even started to rain. However, it was a very successful outreach event (we’ve been invited back for another Stargazing Evening on 16th November 2019). But we really were lucky!


Science Week at Tylers Green Middle School – 21st January 2019

Tylers Green.jpg

Tylers Green Middle School are celebrating their 50th Anniversary this year by holding a Science Week to study the technological advances made over the last half a century. Wycombe Astronomical Society were invited to participate and we provided our contribution with a short lecture from Sandy Giles to the whole school on the Apollo 11 Lunar landing in 1969. Sandy also went round to the individual year groups fielding questions about astronomy from the children. “I was rather nervous about the questions, but fortunately the teachers had vetted them first. There was a refreshing simplicity to some of them which nevertheless required careful answers – for example why does the Moon sometimes change colour.” The school are entering their budgeting phase for next year and the purchase of a telescope is now actively being pursued.