Stargazing at Waddesdon Manor

Over 60 guests at Waddesdon Manor enjoyed a rewarding stargazing evening in the company of members of Wycombe Astronomical Society. Following a leisurely dinner (while waiting for the clouds to disappear!) the guests listened to a short talk in the Powerhouse by Sandy Giles entitled “Celestial Signposts” – all about using constellations and stars to locate astronomical objects in the night sky. Then, thankfully, the skies cleared and the guests joined about fifteen WAS members on the parterre to see a wide range of objects through telescopes – Jupiter, M42, M3, M45 to name a few. Mark Cullen’s cumulative image stacking setup was particularly popular, showing spectacular views of the Leo Triplet, M81/M82, M51 and M101. All the guests were very appreciative of this now regular outreach event and as an indication of just how lucky we were with the weather, the roads all the way home were wet indicating that rain had fallen  - everywhere else but Waddesdon!