Practical Session on Spectroscopy – 3rd January 2019


A New Year and a New topic for WAS – Practical Spectroscopy! And who better than Lee Sproats of David Hinds/Baader UK to guide us through it?

Was there some nervousness about this? – some thoughts that this was not quite for us? Well, it might have started that way, but as Lee talked us through the construction and operation of the DADOS Slit Spectrograph, he gradually drew us in and members were actively participating and understanding how the instrument worked and was used. Plans to go outside and actually capture a spectrum were thwarted by the weather (and it was bloomin’ freezing out there anyway!!) so we contented ourselves with viewing the spectra generated by the lights in the Hall and the Neon Calibration Lamp. Lee finally demonstrated the rudiments of the BASS software for processing spectra.

Assuming the weather cooperates, we now have the opportunity as a society to try this instrument out – Lee has kindly lent WAS the DADOS instrument he demonstrated for the next month. Neil Hawkins has it and he can be contacted to borrow it.

Sandy Giles