Waddesdon and WAS Stargazing Success!

Stargazing at Waddesdon Manor

I'm very pleased to report that the Wycombe Astronomical Society Stargazing Event at Waddesdon manor was a huge success!  Despite some challenges with the clouds our guests were treated to some lovely night sky views through a comprehensive range of different telescopes and binoculars, as well as a superb pre-gazing lecture from our very own Dr Sandy Giles.

The guest's evening started with a meal in Waddeson Manor's superb restaurant, and if our pre-event buffet was anything to go by it would certainly have been very satisfactory!  I certainly heard no complaints from either parties.

Sandy's lecture followed next and was a strong highlight for me.  He managed to capture the excitement of 'real world' astronomy perfectly, and I found his delivery confident, passionate and very inspiring.  He deliberately focussed on what can be seen from our own gardens and the type of equipment needed to do so. He covered equipment choices from the modest Dobsonian reflector to the.... well lets just say 'the if you have to ask' refractor level!

Chris Rowland's did an excellent job in preparing a list of suitable objects for the evening and it was clear that the WAS members had done their homework! Highlights included Jupiter, Orion Nebula, The Beehive Cluster and many more. In fact you can see the full list by clicking here.

With the knowledge imparted by Sandy the guests seemed to really enjoy seeing many of the objects discussed with their own eyes.  It was a rewarding experience for the WAS members too and the feed back from the National Trust has been very very positive.  Without doubt we are sure this will lead to future events and I for one cant wait!

So that leaves me to pass on thanks to all involved.  Without the support of the WAS members events like this would not be possible!