Practical Session this evening - 5/9/2014 - The Moon

Hi everyone!

Tonight’s Practical Session is on observing the Moon. This largely in preparation for our two Moon Watch sessions to be held tomorrow and on Saturday. The weather doesn’t seem to be on our side and I fear we won’t get much observing done, though possibly tonight. If a few of you care to bring along small scopes and binoculars tonight that might be worthwhile. I have already prepared the lecture for our Waddesdon meeting in October and am standing by for our Moon Watch sessions if the weather doesn’t play ball. I was going to share some of this with you this evening (a) to rehearse it and (b) to check I have got everything right!

Chris Roland has some more objects for us to search out. At this stage I have no Gizmo of the Month – Moreton can’t make this evening’s meeting. Has anyone else got something to show?

See you this evening!