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Rules and Guidance on Observing

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WAS Observatory Control Instructions

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Rules and Guidance on Observing at Woodrow

1.    Introduction

These guidelines and rules are intended to allow members to be able to observe at Woodrow. These rules are intended to allow observing to take place safely. They are not intended as a substitute for common sense.

2.    Observing at Woodrow

All members are allowed to observe at Woodrow High House using their own equipment.
Members must inform the manager of the house by sending a text to 0------ to let him know.
We strongly recommend that more than one member is present.  We recommend using the forum and/or the WASMembers email list to let other members know. If you are, or anticipate, being on your own then you are responsible for your own safety. It is a good idea to make sure that someone knows where you are and what time you expect to be back, just as you would for any other outdoors activity.
Set up on the grass outside the observatory.
At least two adults must be present for children from the house to come and observe.  This applies if you are using your equipment or the Society’s equipment.  If you are on your own ask them to get one of their leaders to be with them. 

3.    Using the WAS Observatory

The Observatory must be operated by an Operator who has been trained in its use.  Any member can use the scope under the supervision of an operator.
Follow the procedure and rules for observing at Woodrow as detailed above.
The operating instructions for the observatory are posted in the observatory and available in the members area of the WAS web site.

4.    Training in Using the Observatory

People wishing to operate the WAS observatory must be current members of WAS and be trained and approved by the Observatory Officer.
Our primary concern is that an Operator is able to shut the telescope and observatory down properly and safely. This is so that it can be used by the next person.

All members wishing to become Operators must be trained.  This training will cover:

●    Opening up and closing down the observatory
●    Aligning and operating the scope.
●    Using the Dome Automation.
●    Shutting the scope and dome down safely.

This training can be done by any Operator.  New Operators must be approved by the Observatory Officer. 

5.    Getting Approved:

Come up to the observatory when we are using it and let the operators know that you want to be trained in using the observatory. They will show you how things are done and let you help and practice with opening up and closing down the observatory.  You will probably have to be there all evening to help with closing the observatory down.

Contact the Observatory Officer and say that you wish to be approved as an Operator.  He will work with you to check that you are able to do so and once he’s happy will approve you and provide a key to the Observatory.

If you are, or have become, familiar with the scope but are unclear about opening and closing the observatory contact the Observatory Officer, we can sort out a session on how to open and close the observatory even if it’s cloudy.

If you leave the club or decide that you do not wish to continue as an Operator please let the Observatory Officer know and hand your key back.

6.    Loan Scopes

WAS has several scopes that are available for loan, these are available to all current WAS members.
If you wish to borrow a scope contact the Loan Officer. He will arrange when the scope is available and hand it to you, with any instructions on its operation.
The Loan Officer must ensure that he knows where the loan scopes are, that is who has them. He will need to have contact details for the person using it.