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Paid up members can borrow any Library item from our library collection for 30 to 60 days, or longer if required providing no other member has requested the loan of that item. Click here to see note at foot of page regarding arranging loans. The current list  is as follows:

WL003 Sky Watching. David Levy. Harper Collins. 1995
WL004 Empire of the Sun. John Gribbin & Simon Goodwin. Constable. 1998
WL006 Supernova. Donald Goldsmith. Oxford University Press. 1990
WL007 The Story of Science. Michael Mosley & John Lynch. Octopus Publishing. 2010
WL008 The Expanding Universe. Sir Arthur Eddington. Cambridge University Press. 1933
WL009 The Monthly Sky Guide. Ian Ridpath Wil Tiridon. Cambridge University Press 1999
WL010 50 Physics Ideas. Joanne Baker. Quercus. 2007
WL011 The Night Sky Month By Month. Will Gater & Giles Sparrow Dorling Kindersley. 2011
WL012 Life On Other Worlds & How To Find It. Stuart Clarke. Springer-Praxis. 2000
WL013 Extreme Universe. Nigel Henbest & Heather Couper. Channel 4 Books. 2001
WL015 Observing The Universe. Joint Editors. Cambridge University Press. 2008
WL018 Gods In The Sky. Allan Chapman. Channel 4 Books. 2002
WL019 The Grand Design. Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow. Bantam Press. 2010
WL020 Textbook On Spherical Astronomy. W.M. Smart. C U P. 1977
WL021 The Planet Mars. William Sheehan. University Of Arizona Press. 1996
WL023 The Sky At Night. Astrophotography. Joint Editors. Immediate Media Co. 2012
WL025 A Brief History Of Time. Stephen Hawking. Bantam press. 1988
WL026 Magnificent Desolation. Buzz Aldrin. Bloomsbury. 2009
WL027 Astronomy Home Reference Library. Robert Burnham. Fog City Press. 2002
WL028 Life Beyond Earth. Timothy Ferris. Simon and Schuster. 2000
WL029 New Astronomer. Carole Stott. Covent Garden Books 1999    [beginners]
WL030 Black Holes and Baby Universes. Stephen Hawking. Bantam Press. 1993 (1)
WL031 New Guide to the Planets. Patrick Moore. Sidgewick & Jackson. 1993
WL032 Out of the Blue. John Naylor. CUP. 2002
WL033 Mysteries Of The Solar System. R.A Lyttletom. Oxford University Press. 1968
WL037 Atlas of the Universe. Patrick Moore. Philip's
WL038 Superstructures in Space.Michael Gorn. Merrell. 2008
WL040 Solar System Log. Andrew Wilson. Biddles Ltd. 1987. 
WL042 RGO Guide to the 1999 to the Total Eclipse of the Sun. Steve Bell. RGO 1996
WL050 Stepthen Hawking's Universe. John Blosough. Fontana. 1989
WL051 The A-Z of Astronomy. Patrick Moore. Fontana. 1978
WL054 Moon Mars & Venus. Antonin Rukl. Hamlyn. 1978
WL057 The Arrow of Time.Peter Coveney and Roger Highfield. Flamingo. 1991
WL060 Bernard Lovell, A Biography. Dudley Saward. Robert Hale Ltd. 1984
WL061 Exploring Space. Heather Couper. Treasure Press. 1984
WL064 Waystation To The Stars. Colin Foale. Headline Publishing. 1999
WL066 Spotter's Guide To The Night Sky. Nigel Henbest. Usborne Publishing. 1979
WL068 U.K. Solar Eclipses from year 1-3000. Sheridan Williams. Clock Tower Press. 1999
WL069 Our Final Century. Martin Rees. William Heeinemann. 2003
WL070 Journey To The Ends Of The Universe. C.R.Kitchen. Adam Higler. 1990
WL071 A Life in Science. Stephen Hawking. B.C.A. Penguin. 1992
WL072 Seeing And Believing. Richard Panek. Fourth Estate Ltd. 2000
WL073 Observational Astrophysics. R.E. White. I.O.P. Publishing. 1992
WL074 Stellar Astrophysics. R.J. Taylor. I.O.P. Publishing. 1992
WL080 Astronomy Today. Fred Hoyle. Heinemann Educational Books. 1976
WL082 Hubble's Universe. Simon Goodwin. Constable. 1996
WL083 Colours Of The Stars.David Malin & Paul Murdin. C U P. 1984
WL084 Observatories Of The World. Siegfried Marx, Werner Pfau. Blandford Press. 1982
WL094 The Big Bang. Joseph Silk. Freeman. 1980
WL103 In The Centre Of Immensities. Bernard Lovell. Book Club Associates. 1979
WL107 Basic Steps In Astronomy. John Boulton. Blandford Press. 1979 (1)
WL109 Do It Yourself Astronomy. Sidney G Brewer. Edinburgh University Press. 1988
WL111 The Men Who Measured The Universe. John & Mary Gribbin. Icon Books. 2003
WL121 Halley's Comet. Patrick Moore & John Mason. Patrick Stephens Ltd. 1984
WL125 Space Exploration. John Davies. CW & R Chambers Ltd. 1992
WL126 Comets. David Levy. Simon & Schuster. 1988
WL127 Black Holes & Baby Universes. Stephen Hawking. Bantam Books. 1994 (2)
WL128 Beyond The Black Hole. Stephen Hawking's Universe. John Boslough. Fontana 198
WL132 Starseekers. Colin Wilson. Book Club Associates. 1980
WL133 Space History. Tony Osman. Michael Joseph. 1983
WL134 The Home Planet. Kevin W. Kelly. Arti Grafiche Amilcare Pizzi
WL135 New Concise Atlas Of The Universe. Patrick Moore. Mitchell Beazley Pub. 1970
WL136 Exploring Space. Heather Couper. Sundial Books Ltd. 1980
WL137 To The Ends Of The Universe. H Couper & N Henbest. Dorling Kindersley. 1988
WL139 The Iron Sun. Adrian Berry. Johnathon Cape. 1987
WL140 Basic Steps In Astronomy. John Boulton. Blandford Press. 1979 (2)
WL141 Time Warps. John Gribbin. Dent & Sons Ltd. 1979
WL142 How We Found Out About Comets. Isaac Asimov. Longman. 1983
WL143 The Skywatchers Handbook. Colin A. Ronan. Corgi Books. 1985
WL145 The Guide To The Galaxy. Nigel Henbest & Heather Couper. C U P. 1994
WL147 Passion For Astronomy. Patrick Moore. David & Charles. 1993
WL148 Cosmos. Carl Sagan. MacDonald & Company Ltd. 1993
WL150 Deep Space. Colin A. Ronan. Pan Books. 1982
WL152 Planet Earth. Joint Editors. Jonathon Cape. 2002
WL153 Mars. Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest. Headline. 2001
WL155 Star Watch. David Block. Lion Publishing Plc. 1988
WL156 Fireside Astronomy. Patrick Moore. John Wiley & Sons. 1992
WL157 Space Frontiers. Heather Couper & Nigel Henbest. Marshall Cavendish Ltd. 1979
WL158 The Channels Of Mars. Victor R. Baker. Adam Holger Ltd. 1982
WL160 Norton's 2000.0 Star Atlas. Ian Ridpath. John Wiley and Sons. 2000
WL161 The Origins Of The Universe. Malcolm S. Longair. C U P. 1990
WL162 Prehistoric Astronomy And Ritual. Aubrey Burl. Shire Publications. 1988
WL163 The Matter Myth. P. Davies and J. Gribbin. Viking. 1991
WL164 Stargazing with a Telescope. Robin Scagell. Philip's. 2000
WL165 The Day Without Yesterday. Stuart Clark. Polygon. 2013
WL 166 History of the RAS Vol 2; Ed Taylor, Blackwell 1987

WL 201 Collins Night Sky and Starfinder Dunlop and Tirion Collins 2011
WL 202 Philips Practical Astronomy  Dunlop  Bounty Books  2012
WL 203 Collins Dictionary of Astronomy  Ed Illingworth  2006
WL 204 Wonders of the Solar System  Cox  Collins  2010
WL 205 Turn Left At Orion Consolmagno and Davis  Cambridge  2009
WL 206 Space  DK Guide  Dorling Kindersley  2004
WL 207 You Are Here  Chris Hadfield  MacMillan  2014
WL 208 Planets  D A Rothery  Teach Yourself Books  2000
WL 209  Schödingers Kittens   John Gribbin   Weidenfield and Nicolson  1995
WL 210  Into Space 2: The Great Universe  Patrick Moore  CMP  1998 (signed by author)
WL 211  After the First Three Minutes   T Padmanabhan  Cambridge U P  1998
WL 212  Stephen Hawking  Brief History of Time - Reader's Companion  Bantam  1992
WL 213  In Search of the Big Bang     John Gribbin   Black Swan    1986
WL 214  Space: Our final frontier     John Gribbin   BBC    2001
WL 215  The Hole In The Sky     John Gribbin   Corgi    1988
WL 216  Astronomy  A Beginner's Guide   P Sutherland   Igloo   2008
WL 217  The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas
WL 218  Photographic Moon Book (Folder)
WL 219  Budget Astrophotography  Allan Hall  2014
WL 220  The Fullness of Space  Gareth Wynn-Williams 1992  CUP
WL 221 Moons  D A Rothery  OUP  2015
WL 222 Big Bang  Simon Singh  Harper Perennial  2004
WL 223 Chasing Venus  Andrea Wulf  Windmill Books 2012
WL 224 Just Six Numbers  Martin Rees  Phoenix  1999
WL 225 The Aurora Watcher's Handbook 1992
WL 226 To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science Steven Weinberg Penguin 2015
WL 227 Incoming  Ted Nield  Granta  2011 


Members wishing to take out any of these books can contact Christopher Teal to reserve and bring to a meeting
by emailing him at

If you are unable to come to Woodrow or Holmer Green for some time it may still be possible to arrange to get books to you, so please enquire.