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Paid up members can borrow any Library item from our library collection for 30 to 60 days, or longer if required providing no other member has requested the loan of that item. Click here to see note at foot of page regarding arranging loans. The current list  (January 2018) is as follows:

WL 207 You Are Here  Chris Hadfield  MacMillan  2014
WL 208 Planets  D A Rothery  Teach Yourself Books  2000
WL 209  Schödingers Kittens   John Gribbin   Weidenfield and Nicolson  1995
WL 210  Into Space 2: The Great Universe  Patrick Moore  CMP  1998 (signed by author)
WL 211  After the First Three Minutes   T Padmanabhan  Cambridge U P  1998
WL 212  Stephen Hawking  Brief History of Time - Reader's Companion  Bantam  1992
WL 213  In Search of the Big Bang     John Gribbin   Black Swan    1986
WL 214  Space: Our final frontier     John Gribbin   BBC    2001
WL 215  The Hole In The Sky     John Gribbin   Corgi    1988
WL 216  Astronomy  A Beginner's Guide   P Sutherland   Igloo   2008
WL 217  The Hatfield Photographic Lunar Atlas
WL 218  Photographic Moon Book (Folder)
WL 219  Budget Astrophotography  Allan Hall  2014
WL 220  The Fullness of Space  Gareth Wynn-Williams 1992  CUP
WL 221  Moons  D A Rothery  OUP  2015
WL 222  Big Bang  Simon Singh  Harper Perennial  2004
WL 223  Chasing Venus  Andrea Wulf  Windmill Books 2012
WL 224  Just Six Numbers  Martin Rees  Phoenix  1999
WL 225  The Aurora Watcher's Handbook 1992
WL 226  To Explain the World: The Discovery of Modern Science Steven Weinberg Penguin 2015
WL 227  Incoming  Ted Nield  Granta  2011
WL 228  Antimatter  Frank Close  Oxford  2009
WL 229  The Knowledge  Lewis Dartnell  The Bodley Head  2014
WL 230  Practical Skywatching  ed. Levy and O'Byrne  The City Press 2006
WL 231  Seven Brief Lessons on Physics  Carlo Rovelli  Penguin  2014
WL 232  Astronomy for GCSE  Moore and Lintott  Duckworth 2006
WL 233  Burnham's Celestial Handbook Vol 1  R Burnham Jr  Dover Pub  1978
WL 234  Burnham's Celestial Handbook Vol 2  R Burnham Jr  Dover Pub  1978
WL 235  Burnham's Celestial Handbook Vol 3  R Burnham Jr  Dover Pub  1978
WL 236  The Astronomy Encyclopaedia  Ed P Moore  Beazley  1987
WL 237  The Stargazers' Handbook  Giles Sparrow  Quercus 2007
WL 238  The Story of Science  Michael Mosley / John Lynch  Mitchell Beazley 2010
WL 239  Red Shift  Stuart Clark  Uni Herts Press  1997
WL 240  How to Read the Solar System  Chris North and Paul Abel  BBC Books  2013
WL 241  You Are Here (2) Chris Hadfield  Pan  2015
WL 242  Space- from Earth to the edge of the Universe  DK  2010
WL 243  Astronomy Photographer of the Year  Collins  2012 (2009-2012)
WL 244  Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2 Collins  2013
WL 245  Astronomy Photographer of the Year 3 Collins  2012
WL 246  The Dark Matter Problem  R H Sanders  Cambridge  2013
WL 247  The Milky Way  Bok and Bok  Havard UP  1974
WL 248  Black Holes, Quasars and the Universe  H L Shipman  Houghton  1976
WL 249  Stellar Evolutuion (2nd Ed)  A J Meadows  Pergamon  1978
WL 250  Naked Eye Astronomy  P Moore  Lutterworth  1966
WL 251  The Key to the Universe  N Calder  BBC  1977
WL 252  Our Changing Universe  J Gribbin  MacMillan  1976
WL 253  New Frontiers in Astronomy  Scientific American  1970
WL 254  The Official Halleys Comet Handbook B Harpur  Hodder  1985
WL 255  Spacetime Infinity  J Trefal  Pantheon  1985
WL 256  13 Journeys Through Space and Time  Colin Stuart - Michael O'Mara  2016


Members wishing to take out any of these books can contact Christopher Teal to reserve and bring to a meeting
by emailing him at

If you are unable to come to Woodrow or Holmer Green for some time it may still be possible to arrange to get books to you, so please enquire.