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Artemis Society International

The Artemis Project

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The ASP’s mission is to increase the understanding and appreciation of astronomy

British Astronomical Association

The encouragement of all aspects of observational astronomy

British National Space Centre

The UK Space Agency is responsible for ensuring that the UK retains and grows a strategic capability in the space-based systems.

Campaign for Dark Skies

A campaign to restore our natural, starry skies, by reducing inefficient lighting

Dark Sky Lighting

General lighting advice for your home living

Federation of American Scientists

Associatn of Scientists

Feration of Astronomical Socieities

Federation of UK Astronomical Societies

International Dark Sky Association

Fighting to preserve the night

The Royal Astronomical Society

Works to advance the sciences of astronomy and geophysics

Society for the History of Astronomy

The UK's national society for astronomy historians

The SETI League

Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence

Webb Society

Specialising in the observation of double stars and deep sky objects

Institute of Astronomy

Part of the faculty of Physics at Cambridge University