Prof Jonathan Rawlings- Birth, Life And Death Of Stars- POSTPONED

Wednesday 16th September 7pm - 10pm

>>> Postponed until further Notice <<<


Jonathan was an undergraduate at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge where he gained a BA in Natural Sciences (Physics) in 1982.

He obtained an MSc in Astronomy from the University of Sussex in 1983 and a PhD in Molecular Astrophysics from UMIST in 1986.

He spent a further three years at UMIST as a SERC Postdoctoral Research Assistant (1986-89) and was a Research Assistant at the Max Planck Institute, Munich, in 1990. He then held a SERC Research Fellowship at Oxford (1990-2) before returning to UMIST as a Research Associate/Temporary Lecturer (1992-4).

He took up a Lectureship at UCL in 1994, was promoted to Reader in 2001 and Professor in 2006. He has served on several PPARC/IAU/RSC committees etc.

His research interests cover a wide range of theoretical and observational topics in molecular astrophysics, but are largely centred on the study of stellar outflows and protostellar inflows.

Major areas of activity include: molecule and dust formation (and evolution) in the ejecta of novae and other strongly irradiated circumstellar environments, the chemistry of excited state atomic/molecular species, and low mass star-forming regions, with a special interest in the earliest stages of protostellar infall.


Professor of Astrophysics
Dept of Physics & Astronomy
Faculty of Maths & Physical Sciences

Academic Background

1986 PhD Doctor of Philosophy – Molecular Astrophysics University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
1983 MSc Master of Science – Astronomy University of Sussex
1982 MA Master of Arts (Hons) – Theoretical Physics University of Cambridge

We welcome Jonathan and his insight into the Life Cycle of Stars...