Remote Imaging by Chris Baker

Wednesday 18th February

Chris is a Keen astro photographer based in the UK. 

Most, if not all his imaging, is done remotely in Nerpio - Spain.

Lecture starts at 8:00pm in the Sports Hall.


I am a keen amateur astronomer based in Hertfordshire and for a number of years have been imaging deep sky objects. 
I started observing in 2000 when I first bought a SC and eventually acquired a roll-off roof observatory as I got into Imaging.
Even though at that time it was black and white, I have always concentrated on deep sky objects.
A few years ago I became increasingly frustrated with the poor weather and the fact the trees around my garden gave me a limited sky.  If I was to really produce deep images then I would need a lot of data which was impossible from home.
It was then I made the move, in mid 2012 to remote, then robotic imaging, transforming what I was able to achieve.
In the past two years I have produced images that I could never have done from the UK; with a number featured in astronomy magazines.
It has radically improved the hobby and opened up new possibilities, as an example I will shortly start some scientific projects in addition to the imaging.
I have two grown up boys and an understanding wife!

The talk

Those attending will learn what remote and robotic imaging is all about. The pain and the gain!
What options are there? What are the benefits and disadvantages?
I will  focus on remote imaging using one’s own equipment. What has been the experience?
What needs to be considered if you want to do the same? Equipment, software, sites, support?
I will cover my experiences from setting-up to where I am today.
I will show many images from the first attempt to images that have won prizes.
If the weather and comms allows, then we will link to the remote site live and set an imaging run during the talk.
I will also spend a short time processing live a set of FITS acquired remotely, using the Hubble palette method, to show what can be achieved.
Finally we can have a quick competition- with the prize being the opportunity to use the equipment, with my help.
The talk will be informative, informal and fun, I hope!
If anybody wants some high quality FITS data (up to 30 hours for one image) to practise processing, then I will make this available for free.