Nick Howes - The Greatest Scope on Earth

Wednesday, 17 June 2015
8:00 PM - Sports Hall - Woodrow High House.

For over 400 years humanity has gazed to the heavens with ever more powerful telescopes, capturing the skies in greater levels of detail.

Nick Howe's will talk about "A Brief History of Telescopes" & "The Greatest Scope on Earth", due to revolutionise the very future of astronomy.

As a science writer, he has over 400 NASA ADS citations for observational work on comets and asteroids.

Entered in the Guinness Book of records for leading a team of UK Astronomers in creating the World's largest image composite of the Moon taken by ground based observations, he is an astronomer working with the Kielder Observatory as well as a freelance science writer whose work has included science writer for the European Space Agencies Science Portal and NASA Blueshift.


 - The Greatest Scope on Earth -